Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Are efficiency best practices on your radar yet?

Data centers are huge consumers of electricity in the U.S., consuming billions and billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity in the US every year, with a fair percentage of that squandered. Wasted energy results from a variety of reasons, including less-than-optimized utilization of existing servers; inefficient cooling practices; running redundant cooling systems at full capacity 24/7/365; and maintaining a status quo infrastructure rather than upgrading the infrastructure to reduce inefficiencies. 

The National Resources Defense Council, on its energy main page, notes that many small, medium, corporate, and multi-tenant data centers are much less efficient than some ultra-efficient large server farms operated by well-known Internet brands.

Where does management at your facility stand on energy-usage assessments, upgrades, and incentives internally and among customers that reward efficiency best practices?

Does your facility take advantage of DCIM, CPMS, or some particular combination of hardware and software for power and infrastructure management? Care to share?

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