Monday, November 30, 2015

The IoT and Facility Management – are you on board yet?

It’s almost 2016 – where are you in terms of facility management vis-à-vis the IoT? Is your facility using web-enabled building automation systems and/or wireless monitoring of building occupancy and activity to improve the comfort and productivity of building occupants and/or the safety and security of the facility?  

The Internet of Things is increasingly pervasive in daily facility management. Many newer facilities are built with online monitoring in mind. But the complexity of merging older buildings and new technologies does not always enable easy or optimized adoption of every new Internet capability that could benefit facility management.  

What is your experience in using the Internet to monitor power in your facility? Would you call your facility, at this point, a smart building?  

What benefits are you getting from the hardware and software you have implemented? Are you thinking of adding capabilities or do you already feel you are dealing with too much data. 

What does “Internet of Things” in facility management? It could mean a system that senses, transfers, and acts on information wirelessly. It could refer to a system that adapts to and anticipates facility management needs. It could be a system that proactively manage your environment.  

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