Monday, November 16, 2015

3 Proactive Ways for Data Center + IT Managers to Keep the Power Flowing

Three Ways to keep the Power Flowing 

1. Common causes for downtime caused by outage of primary power is the failure of the UPS battery or the load exceeding UPS capacity. Help avoid those events by installing a UPS that is adequately sized to support the load and monitoring and maintaining the batteries.

2. To help streamline managing the physical infrastructure on your data center (an undertaking that historically typically has relied on multiple software solutions), consolidate and manage the data within a single data center infrastructure management software platform, preferably one with holistic management capabilities and visibility into IT and facilities infrastructure.

3. Keep sensitive IT equipment away from liquids. Many unplanned power outages result from incursion of water or other water-based liquid - i.e. spilled bottled water, canned soda, or cup of coffee. To keep data center electronic equipment dry, keep the beverages in the break room.

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