Monday, March 14, 2016

TDIs for Monitoring and Controlling Power Systems?

The depth and volume of available data amassed, monitored, and controlled with respect to routine power and critical power at industrial and other facilities has increased dramatically in recent years. Conveniently, technology has kept apace with new streamlined ways for personnel charged with monitoring the data to view and interact with it through the use of touch display interfaces (TDIs).

Benefits of Touch Display Interfaces include graphical presentation of data that can improve accuracy of interpretation, faster personnel interaction with data, speeding and improving decision-making and, potentially, helping avert human error due to haste; boosting operational efficiency; and simplifying compliance. Because TDIs can be intuitive, they could also minimize training time. Monitoring personnel can view an array of easily understood graphics on a single touch screen. Depending upon the capabilities of a particular TDI-based control system, personnel can see an overview as well as detailed information such as energy, power quality, metering, charts, event log, set points, and notes.


In addition, TDIs for monitoring and controlling power systems can facilitate the ability to track, record and validate a facility’s energy consumption for demand response programs produced by normal source power or onsite gensets and trend power quality and capacity and peak power demand.

Does using a TDI for these types of information peak your interest? 

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