Saturday, January 30, 2016

Touch Display Interfaces (TDIs) & automatic transfer switches

The ability to make easier sense of large amounts of data and more informed control are two significant advantages of touch display interfaces (TDIs) as they enter the business and industrial markets. In the world of emergency backup power, there is already available an innovative touch display interface from a major manufacturer of automatic transfer switches that facilitates streamlined and more informed management of an automatic transfer switch and critical power system. The graphics-rich TDI enables quicker understanding of real-time status of the ATS controls and measurements. Overview dashboards give the ability to see all sorts of details at a glance and also offer the ability to drill down into other screens for in-depth data on power quality, metering, digital and analog inputs and outputs, and other information that could be used for internal control decisions and forensic analysis. Do you see any value in such a capability? Would you invest in it?

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