Thursday, November 5, 2015

The IoT is gaining traction and has started to transform facility management, improving reliability and efficiency of HVAC and lighting systems

Already, CPMSs for data centers have incorporated smart CPM components that adjust to their environments or operating conditions. The smart components enable monitoring, control and reporting capabilities so that, rather than continuing to run until they fail, they call for maintenance that can help preclude that failure. This can be a significant advantage when the components are monitoring power quality. Increasingly, smart products are penetrating more and more facets of critical power management systems – e.g. safety and security, and building management systems. The dynamic is already creating interconnected facility management systems, or clusters. The clusters, composed of hundreds or thousands of sensors, can be designed for a single building, a multi-building campus, or geographically dispersed facilities. Do you agree with this assessment of how IoT is impacting facility management?    

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