Friday, September 25, 2015

8 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Maintenance Provider

Maintaining on-site power generation is more complex than ever. Here are 8 probing questions you should ask outside maintenance and service providers before selecting the one best qualified to help you optimize power reliability of your on-site power generation for mission critical systems.

1. Are your technicians manufacturer trained and authorized?

2. Do you provide 24-hour service? How?

3. How do you support your techs when they're on-site?

4. What type of service agreements do you offer?

5. Can you provide training for my staff likely to be first responders when a problem arises?

6. What spare parts do your techs carry to service my equipment?

7. How do you keep up with product changes and tecnical bulletins from the manufacturer?

8. What is the average of experience of your field techs on the equipment I have?

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