Friday, July 31, 2015

Paralleling switchgear for standby power systems is growing up

Paralleling switchgear for standby power systems is becoming more popular these days because of the introduction of sophisticated integrated digital control technologies that offer advantages to a wide range of installations, including healthcare facilities, data centers and other facilities where uninterrupted power is critical.
Digital control technologies make it easier to operate systems in parallel and enable running multiple smaller generators rather than one large generator to supply power when utility power fails. Advantages of installing multiple generators and paralleling switchgear include the ability to build in redundancy for increased reliability for critical loads and scalability as facility needs expand.
With integrated paralleling system, if one generator fails, the other generator can handle the most critical loads, shedding the non-critical loads. If the facility had only one generator and it failed, there would be no power for the critical load. This is redundancy that makes for greater reliability of power.
Some systems include high end capabilities in mid-range solutions. For instance, paralleling switchgear can include monitoring and control that is completely independent of the operator touch screen and generator control that is completely independent from the master controller. What is your experience with paralleling switchgear? If not yet using it, is it under consideration?

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