Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Would the primary causes of unplanned power outtages at a data center suprise you

Primary root causes of unplanned power outages at data centers include UPS system failure (battery); human error or accident; water, heat or CRAC failure; generator failure; weather; IT equipment failure. The unplanned outages cost the data centers $$$ in several categories, including business disruption, loss of revenue, reduction of end-user productivity and, to lesser but still notable impact, IT productivity, detection, and recovery. Interestingly, though failure of IT equipment accounted for about 5% of primary causes, the IT failures were responsible for highest overall cost.

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  1. So, the cats out of the bag, or still up for review? Wheres your data reference re: % of downtime for IT vs total $ lost? I only ask because, there's so many classifications of downtime and cost. Is that an overall national average mentioned in the post? Thanks much!